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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Garden State Distance Learning Consortium (GSDLC).

The Garden State Distance Learning Consortium is a nonprofit organization formed by educators to promote the development of distance learning (DL), and foster the application of video conferencing within the classroom setting. The Garden State Distance Learning Consortium is embarking on innovative ways to incorporate instructional technologies that validate and punctuate what the teachers are doing inside the classroom. The Garden State Distance Learning Consortium was created and organized exclusively to benefit and provide assistance in promoting distance learning opportunities for the educational communities of New Jersey. Our mission is to create a learning network, focused on expanding classroom experiences for the educational community at large through an association of schools and affiliates, using the mediums of teleconferencing and web based collaboration tools.  As a consortium, this focus will include sharing resources between schools and affiliates, providing opportunities and advancing educational programs which otherwise would not be possible. Through the GSDLC you will have access and partnerships with people who have extensive experience in Distance Learning and will help you plan your program for today and strategize your long term growth.

Through GSDLC you will have access and partnerships with people who have years of experience in Distance Learning. People who will help you  plan your program for today and strategize your long term growth. People who have already dealt with and answered the many questions you may be facing today. We are here to help you build your program. Here are some of the ways the GSDLC is attacking the mission....

  • Lead & Advocate: To promote and foster inter-state cooperation, economic application and research of distance learning technologies for education and training.
  • Partners: To promote and foster the formation of partnerships between member schools and private business to further the effective use of distance learning education programs.
  • Support & Represent: To review and support standards in distance learning technology and methodology. Provide representatives before government regulatory bodies.
  • Inform & Publish: To provide a forum for sharing information with all members through various publications.
  • Recognize: To provide recognition of outstanding achievements in DL programs through annual awards.

Through membership in the GSDLC you will have:

  • Unified support for your program efforts
  • Interstate partnerships
  • Access to training material for Distance Learning
  • Shared resources on common development and delivery
  • Aligning with State standards for Distance Learning programs
  • Ability to learn from those who have started DL programs from scratch
  • Statewide programming and Network Affiliates
  • Regularly scheduled DL programs from member schools
  • Ability to share expertise with school systems new to DL strategies

Membership fee: $175 per year effective from the date of registration.

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