Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS) Technical Assistance


I&RS Resources

The resources below are available to be used in support of your school or district I&RS Program.

Resource Manual for Intervention and Referral Services
The New Jersey Department of Education's Resource Manual for Intervention and Referral Services is a comprehensive resource on the operation of I&RS teams and provides extensive information and materials that support the planning, development, implementation, evaluation and maintenance of building-based problem-solving teams of I&RS.
Download the I&RS manual in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format, PDF.

I&RS Action Planning Workbook, PDF.

I&RS Sample Inital Request for Assistance Form, PDF.

Sample I&RS Action Plan Form #1, PDF.

I&RS School Year Final Report:
Sample Final Report PDF/DOC
Blank Final Report PDF/DOC

NJ DOE Administrative Code PDF