Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS) Technical Assistance


I&RS Onsite Custom Professional Development Workshops

The SRI & ETTC is available to provide in-district I&RS Training throughout New Jersey at the time, location and rate that works for your district.

Onsite Team Training and Technical Assistance is designed to provide schools and districts with information and training to ensure a highly functioning I&RS team.  Onsite Team Training addresses information, materials and skills to help fulfill the regulatory requirements for the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of programs of I&RS (N.J.A.C. 6A:16-8), including identifying and addressing academic, behavior and health issues and developing effective intervention strategies and action plans.

Onsite Technical Assistance activities may include observation of an actual I&RS meeting to assess strengths and opportunities for improvement. Feedback will be provided regarding meeting organization, timing and effectiveness of application of the problem-solving model.

Pricing for I&RS Onsite Training is based on the number of hours in-district and can range from a three hour workshop to a full day workshop. SRI & ETTC Consortium member districts can use ETTC Hours to pay for I&RS Training.  Trainers are available to come into your district and tailor the I&RS workshop to fit the needs of your individual school or district. Larger group sizes can be accommodated.

For more information on I&RS Onsite Team Training and Technical Assistance Services please contact the SRI & ETTC at 609-626-3850 or via email