Call for Proposals:

Mapping the Visual Beyond the Visible

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Sorry, but the submission deadline has passed.

We hope to see you at the conference.

The IVLA invites participation in the 2012 annual conference, a three-day conference held in Portland, Maine. Participants will discuss many timely aspects of visual literacy as they impact how we see and create meaning via mapping and other visual directors. Visual Literacy is core to many critical issues and it is more important now than ever to understand how to expand our learning and application of this knowledge.

Please consider this topic broadly and contribute your thoughts to this conversation. We welcome proposals to expand our dialogue and knowledge of visual literacy.

Suggested topics include:

  • The mapping of territories and minds
  • Mental maps (subjective perception on a place)
  • Linguistic landscape
  • Ethno-visual research
  • Cognitive geography (spacial perception and cognition)
  • Gestalt (theories of visual perception)
  • Blindness/illusion of attentiveness
  • The art of mapping and maps as Art/in the Arts
  • Simulations (digital and physical)
  • Conceptual maps (visualization of knowledge)
  • Imaginary maps (holy maps, maps of unknown territories)
  • Political maps