Seabrook-Wilson House ("Spy House"), Port Monmouth
early 18th century

Thomas Whitlock

The first house on this site in Port Monmouth, New Jersey was built by Thomas Whitlock between 1664 and 1668, although the oldest part of the extant house probably dates to the early 18th century. The Seabrook-Wilson House, known locally (but inaccurately) as the "Spy House," is considered the first house built on the Jersey shoreline.

Thomas Whitlock, who built the original house, was "the first permanent settler of record in New Jersey under British rule, who scouted the land in 1663."(1) First known as Strawberry Hill, the house was later called Shoal Harbor; today it is known officially as the Seabrook-Wilson House.

(Jamie Kline, Spring 2005)

(1) Historic marker in front of house. (Sign installed by The Junior Women's Club of Middletown in 1976.

Seabrook-Willson House, originally 1664-1668, Shoal Harbor, Port Monmouth (Monmouth County). Photo source: (see link below).

Sign outside the house placed there by The Junior Women's Club of Middletown in 1976. Photo source: (see link below).

The Seabrook-Wilson House is a shingled structure with four fireplaces. It once had a cellar but over the years that was filled in. The house has two full stories and an attic for storage. Modernization has brought running water and electricity.

Shoal Harbor was an early center for fishing and agriculture in New Jersey. The property is now a park, where visitors can picnic or fish from the pier located behind the house. The building itself is maintained as a folk museum and learning center, educating visitors about the history of farming and fishing in the Bayshore region.(1)

(Jamie Kline)

(1) (see link below).

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