Kenneth Hari (b.1947 )

Kenneth Hari is a renowned painter and sculptor who was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey in 1947. He received a bachelor of fine arts degree from Maryland Institute College of Art in 1968, went on to Yale University in 1970. Hari did his postgraduate study at New York University in1988 (Kenneth Hari Resume, 2007).

Hari's work has been included in solo exhibitions in Beijing (1996); C.C. Price Gallery, New York City; H.S. Graphics, Ltd., New Jersey; and others. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions including the Maryland State Museum in 1967; Union College, Schenectady in 1969; Monmouth University, New Jersey in 1970; The Newark Museum in 1971; and Trenton State College in 1972. Hari served as a member of the Board of Directors for the New Jersey Art Festival in 1973 (Kenneth Hari Resume, 2007).


Beatrice, crystal acrylic, 17 by 7 by 23 inches. Photograph courtesy the artist.

There are 390 museums around world where Haris work is represented in permanent collections. These include the Vatican in Rome, Italy; the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain; the National Gallery in Sophia, Bulgaria; the National Portrait Gallery in London, England; and museums here in the United States (Museums, 1997). Hari has a new patron in Singapore who purchased his portrait of cellist Pablo Casals, modeled after the sitter in person in 1967. The patron paid over two million U.S. dollars for the work (LinkedIn, 2011).

Some of Haris most famous clients and fans have included Dustin Hoffman, Ginger Rogers, Kurt Vonnegut, Greta Garbo, Gene Kelly, and Tennessee Williams. Hari and Hoffman were friends and admirers of each others work for years. Hoffman had this to say about Hari, "Kenneth, thank you for painting me. Your portrait is not a mere inspiration, the transient expression of private moods, but a work of communication, meant to endure" (Hoffman, 1997).

Hari's newest creation is a series of crystal acrylic sculptures, a medium which he helped pioneer. There are three beautiful crystal sculptures in the series based on the legend of the poet Dante's failed love. The sculptures are "Beatrice," "Prophet," and "Moses." Crystal acrylic, the medium, is the clearest material known. There is an added dimension of space within the sculptures caused by the lucidity of this substance. (Crystal Acrylic Sculptures, 1997)

(Nicole E. Clancy, Fall 2011)


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