Edward Beyer (1820 - 1865 )

Edward Beyer was born in 1820 in the Rhineland of western Germany. He studied art at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art and came to America around 1848. During the winter of 1852-53 Beyer spent time in Newark, New Jersey and painted several views of the frozen Passaic River; "Skating on the Passaic" is one of these. The painting is a genre subject - a scene of everyday life - and exemplifies the fusing of classical and romantic approaches, along with minute detail, that were trademarks of the landscape painters who came from Düsseldorf.(1)

In 1854 Beyer visited Virginia, remaining until 1856 or 1857. While there he sketched "views of American spas which were lithographed back in Germany and published as 'An Album of Virginia'; he also exhibited panoramas."(2) Beyer left the United States in 1857.

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Skating on the Passaic

Skating on the Passaic, 1852, The Collection of The Newark Museum. Purchase 1957 Anonymous Gifts.

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