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Year 1 (2007/08): The 17th & 18th Centuries

Summer Institute 2008

Year 2 (2008/09): The 19th Century

Summer Institute 2009

Year 3 (2009/10): The 20th Century

Summer Institute 2010

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  Photo Credits & Sources from left to right:

  • Mayflower Replica, Plymouth , MA (photograph by Michelle Craig McDonald)
  • “Joseph Nez Perce,” Edward S. Curtis Collection, Library of Congress
  • “Am I Not a Man and a Brother,” University of Virginia Digitized Slavery Collection
  • Statue of Liberty , from National Park Service Public Domain Collection
  • “Dressmaking Class,” from the Ansel Adams Manzanar Collection, Library of Congress
  • Kids Today in Pool, Philadelphia , PA (photograph by Michelle Craig McDonald)         






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